Dr. Rupal Shah is the Group Medical Director of Centre for Sight-New Vision Laser Centers. She practices in both Mumbai and Vadodara.. She specializes in ReLeX and Blade Free LASIK laser vision correction eye surgery, as well as femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery(FLACS). She is one of leading refractive surgeons of India. In the last 20 years, Dr. Shah has performed over 35000 laser procedures, and helped thousands of people to get rid of their need to wear spectacles and contact lenses. Besides this, she is a specialist in advanced lenses after cataract surgery, such as multifocal lenses. A well known teacher, she has trained more than 1000 ophthalmologists, and has mentored them while they did

LASIK Procedure by Dr. Rupal Shah
Dr. Rupal Shah performing LASIK on a patient

their first LASIK procedures. Recently, she has done pioneering work on  ReLEx  procedures, like FLEx (Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction) and SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction). She is also well known for her work on Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy (PTK) and also on Presbyopia Correction with the use of the excimer laser and sceleral spacing implants.She practices in both Vadodara(Baroda) and Mumbai (Bombay), besides overseeing the activities of the various Centre for Sight-New Vision Laser Centers at Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Surat, and Jamnagar.

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Dr. Rupal Shah is currently a consultant for Carl Zeiss Meditec, a leading laser manufacturer. Carl Zeiss Meditec manufactures the VisuMax femtosecond laser, which is capable of performing blade free LASIK and ReLEx, and also manufactures the MEL 80 excimer laser, which is used to perform LASIK laser eye surgery.

You can contact Dr. Rupal Shah by email at rupal@newvisionindia.com. You can also visit the websites of New Vision Laser Centers and LaseRx, Institutes of Laser Medicine to schedule an appointment with her. If you prefer to call, please call +91 265 2339945 during office hours Indian Standard Time.

If you are a doctor interested in phaco/lasik training under Dr. Shah, you may call her Manager, Neha Amin, on +91 93762 71002. You can also visit New Vision’s training website.

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