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LASIK / LASEK / PRK treatments

While they improve vision, spectacles and contact lenses are inconvenient features of daily life. Despite the fact that millions of successful laser vision correction treatments have been performed, many people are still not sure if LASIK is right for them.
Several steps are involved in a laser vision correction treatment. Below are mentioned some steps involved in conventional LASIK. No Blade LASIK or Blade Free LASIK is now the preferred technique.

Consultation and pre-op examination
During a consultation, your eye doctor will conduct an extensive evaluation to determine whether you could benefit from laser vision correction. Your doctor will discuss the risks and possible side effects of the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Laser vision correction is suitable for most people who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, but there are a few important exceptions that your doctor may discuss with you. Generally, laser treatment cannot correct presbyopia (an age-related loss of the ability to focus at various distances).

Treatment day
First, anesthetic eye drops will be placed in your eye. The doctor will thoroughly check the laser’s settings before beginning treatment. You will be made comfortable in a reclined position, and an eyelid holder will ensure that your eye remains open. You will be asked to focus on a blinking light throughout the treatment, which normally takes no more than a few minutes.

Following treatment
It is a good idea to spend the rest of the day relaxing.
You will be given eye drops and an eye guard to use at night, and you should follow your doctor’s instructions during the healing process. On the day after the treatment, your eye doctor will examine your eyes to check the results of your treatment. Most patients experience stable results within about four to six weeks following treatment.
Do you want more information on the various treatment options offered by Dr. Shah? Pls. click on LASIK, PRKfor more details. NO BLADE LASIK is also offered at Vadodara and Mumbai. Training for Phaco and LASIK is also offered to qualified eye surgeons.

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