Dr. Rupal Shah has this to say about her attitude to patients, "I derive the highest satisfaction from seeing my patient's happy, and in reacting to them in the way a good human being should. All the other things-working with the best technology, giving good results, contributing to academic work- are important, but they flow from my need to see my patient's happy, rather than the other way around. I think I would not have enjoyed being a physician and surgeon if the human touch was lost somewhere along the way"
• "!I am highly obliged for having successful eye surgery which is performed by Dr. Shah on dated 9th September 2005 to my son Swapnil Rane. I am grateful to new vision as my son Swapnil when was prior to this suffering from very high myopia. Now he can see well and clear without lenses. Best of luck for future."
A.B. Rane
• "I had undergone Lasik surgery on both eyes by Dr. Rupal Shah. Earlier I was reluctant to go for surgery, but after surgery I am very very happy. I can now see everything very clear. My Vision has improved considerately. I am happy I took the right decision to go for surgery."
Bhanimati Rao
• "Really speaking this experience of mine at LaseRx is truly amazing & magical. I had been having blur vision (-7.5) for almost 20 years. Carrying burden of glasses all took just 15 painless minutes to get rid of that 20 years blur vision. I had been in the fore front this LaseRx technology since 1993. Many many thanks to Dr Rupal Shah. She is Simply Great. My best regards to all of LaseRx staff for their kind co-operation & support."
Mahesh Purohit
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John Doe
• "After so long years with my specs, I was totally depressed thinking I can never have a normal eyesight. But later when I got to know about Dr. Rupal Shah she showed me the hope and made it in a true dream. It was like Lord Krishna send Dr. Rupal Shah a “fairy” in my life and I got my normal vision back to me. She also helped me to stay relaxed during the surgery, she was that and she will always be the Best Doctor and a Best Friend in my life. She is a very down to earth woman. A trustful Doctor in whole world. Also the Best are Shruti, Nupur, Sushma….. best friends. Thanks to all for giving my world back to me."
Hiral Panchal
I can tell every one that she is the most kind and soft spoken doctor I ever met in the last 48 years.
Haren Parekh, New Jersey
I've never had any trouble with my sight since then and I am extremely happy with the way the procedure was done by you. I could not have had better treatment overseas. I know this is very late but thank you very much.
Melissa Gore, Australia
Beyond Words
Dhristi Nihalini
Dubai, UAE
Better than expected results. Extremely pleasant team, professional and friendly
Priyanka Desai
Lps Angelos, USA
Best treatment. Completely Satisfying. Pleasure to meet mam and the the staff. Very supportive and loving
Priya Khemlani
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Best Treatment. Perfect Result
Muzammil Malek
Absolutely Amazing. Thank you
Naeema Umar
Bolton, UK